Q. What is MACH 1 – RDR?

MACH 1 – RDR is a unique real time reporting tool developed by Microexcel.

Q. How it works?

It works in real time as a real time data exchanger. It comes in 3 parts
1. Admin Web portal
2. Android Mobile App
3. Client Portal
All 3 parts are work in real time, synchronize and share the same data.

Q. I am a small Security Agency Operator with only 50 employees, can I use this tool?

Yes, you can opt for this tool easily as it comes in per user option as well.

Q. How do I know if any notification arrives on my mobile App?

Once the notification arrives from Admin portal, a sound tune will alerts you to know that a notification is on your App.

Q. Is this tool identify vehicles belongs to a client and if the same parked in different properties?

Yes it will, it has ultimate data structure to identify the vehicle once it get registered.

Q. Is this tool support multiple role for a same employee?

Yes, it will support very well.

Q. Any inbuilt scanner or camera is there in the system?

Yes, the mobile App will inbuilt with camera feature as well as QR code scanner.

Q. Is there any automated process to intimate any emergency call/event to my staff or my clients?

Yes, Alert messaging is part of admin portal.

Q. If am a property owner/Manager, how will I know about all related issues?

The system is built with inbuilt processing mechanism and you will get all your property related issues on your registered e-mail ID.

Q. What type of attachments that mobile App will support?

The mobile App will support Audio, Video and Image type formats supports.

Q. Is there any way to reopen the closed issue or incident?

Yes option is provided so you can reopen any closed issues or incidents.

Q. What are the file formats that will support on web portal?

It will .PDF, .Doc, JPEG, GIF, PNG, MP3, WAV, MP4, 3GP and AVI

Q. Can I trace my staff Daily timings here in this tool?

Yes, you can easily tack your staff daily in time, out time and break time on ESR screen

Is there any option for locating my employees’ current GPS location?

Yes, on admin portal you can easily track you employee location.

Q. How do I get a license for MACH 1 – RDR?

For licensing details,
Please call us on 201 866 6789 or send us an e-mail on sales@microexcel.com