Admin Portal

Admin Features

  • Admin driven – Admin has all the access and privileges to the portal
  • Reported issues are shown instantly (irrespective of properties) when they are sent by field personnel
  • Field staff tracking through GPS mapping and QR values
  • 24/7 report generation
  • 24/7 access to issue history, parking history, employee timekeeping history, client history, property history and handheld device inventory/device management
  • User friendly, scalable and customizable
  • Automatic client e-mailing functionality for selected categories
  • Newsletter distribution function
  • Send alerts to field staff

Admin Modules

  • Issue Report
  • Users
  • Handheld Devices
  • Properties
  • GPS Mapping
  • ESR (Employee Shift Report)
  • Send Alerts
  • Post Orders
  • Issue Categories
  • Newsletter
  • Reports
  • Archives

Client Portal

Client Features

  • Review issues with audio, video and photographic attachments
  • View/respond to alerts sent by admin
  • View status of the reported issues
  • View post orders/parking rules & newsletters

Client Modules

  • Report an Issue/Incident
  • View Notifications
  • Reported Issue History
  • Property Issue History
  • GPS Mapping
  • Reports
  • Archive Issue History
  • Post Orders

Android Application

Android Features

  • Ability to send issue reports to admin and/or clients instantly
  • Field staff can view post orders, parking rules, etc. and receive alerts when there are changes or special requests
  • Entire issue list will be available
  • Receive/respond to admin alerts
  • Daily parking history reporting
  • QR code recognition feature is a unique function of this App
  • App will transmit the QR code values to the admin portal and same will be available instantly for admin view
  • It has a break time calculator functionality as an add-on for timekeeping
  • Transmit GPS values constantly to admin for location verification and dispatching
  • User friendly, scalable and customizable
  • Audio, video and photographic issue reporting functionality
  • Parking history management

Android Modules

  • Report an Issue/Incident
  • Admin Notifications
  • View Issue History
  • Parking Log
  • License Plate Search
  • Start Break
  • Post Orders
  • Scan QR Code
  • Change Password

Features Comparison