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Support Structure

You can avail the services of MACH 1 – RDR at a very cost effective price. The price for off-the-shelf product is inclusive of one year support which is absolutely free.

The below table shows the support structure in Service Level Agreement:

Severity Level Response Time Incident Examples
15 Critical or High level Incidents 2-4 Hours
  • Page is not displaying
  • Some script error showing
  • 404 error is displaying
  • Site is not responding
  • User credentials are not working
  • Issues are not updating/Submitting
  • Parking log is not updating/submitting
  • Notifications are not seen
  • App crashing
30 Medium level Incidents 4-6 Hours
  • Data elements are not populating
  • Fields don’t insert like specific user is not added
  • Filters are not working/displaying
  • Mail functionality is not working
40 Low level Incidents 6-8 Hours
  • UI alignments, layout are not displaying properly
  • Typo
  • Images are not displaying
  • Sorting order is missing on some lists
  • All incidents will be addressed during business/working days
  • Only E-mail support will be provided
  • Telephone support will be provided based on request
  • User manuals will be provided
  • The 1st year support will be free of cost
  • From the second year, the support cost will be 12% of the sale agreement
  • Response time indicated is not included resolution